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What's A Kolache?

A Bohemian (or traditional) kolache is comprised of a sweet, yeast-based dough with with a fruit, poppy seed, or cheese filling. At Yeast Nashville, we make the Czech/Slovak variety which is similar to a Danish, the difference being the consistency of the dough. Where a Danish is light and flaky, kolache dough tends to be a little more dense and sweet; similar to a Brioche bread.

So why did Yeast Nashville decide on making the Czech version? Well, Sara moved to Nashville from Texas, where kolaches are a way of life and a breakfast staple throughout the Lone Star State due to the state's Bohemian roots dating back to its time as an independent republic.

In the mid-1800s, Texas became the new home to many Czech and Bohemian immigrants staking their claims throughout central Texas in towns such as New Ulm, West, Shiner, Schulenburg, and Caldwell. While establishing roots in these new towns they continued many of the customs and traditions of their homeland, kolaches being one of them (thankfully!). 

Over the years a new twist to the kolache recipe evolved, taking the dough and wrapping it around meat (sausage is most common) or stuffing it with a savory filling such as eggs or vegetables, or cheese. While traditionalists will say these aren’t “true” kolaches they're pretty much the standard in Texas these days so at Yeast Nashville, we call them “Tex-Czech” kolaches.

Visitors to these small Texas towns couldn’t get enough of these tasty treats and kolache shops began popping up all over the state. Today, kolaches are a breakfast/snack mainstay throughout Texas, with Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Wisconsin all staking claims to be "Kolache Capitals."

Whether it’s a Bohemian or Tex-Czech, kolaches are a tasty way to start your day and a nice little snack anytime! Below are some links to articles about the history and popularity of kolaches.

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