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What's A Kolache?

A Bohemian (or traditional) kolache is comprised of a sweet, yeast-based dough with with a fruit, poppy seed, or cheese filling. At Yeast Nashville, we make the Czech/Slovak variety which is similar to a Danish, the difference being the consistency of the dough. Where a Danish is light and flaky, kolache dough tends to be a little more dense and sweet; similar to a Brioche bread.

So why did Yeast Nashville decide on making the Czech version? Well, Bill and Sara moved to Nashville from Texas, where kolaches are a way of life and a breakfast staple throughout the Lone Star State due to the state's Bohemian roots dating back to its time as an independent republic.

In the mid-1800s, Texas became the new home to many Czech and Bohemian immigrants staking their claims throughout central Texas in towns such as New Ulm, West, Shiner, Schulenburg, and Caldwell. While establishing roots in these new towns they continued many of the customs and traditions of their homeland , kolaches being one of them (thankfully!). 

Over the years a new twist to the kolache recipe evolved, taking the dough and wrapping it around meat (sausage is most common) or stuffing it with a savory filling such as eggs or vegetables, or cheese. While traditionalists will say these aren’t “true” kolaches they're pretty much the standard in Texas these days so at Yeast Nashville, we call them “Tex-Czech” kolaches.

Visitors to these small Texas towns couldn’t get enough of these tasty treats and kolache shops began popping up all over the state. Today, kolaches are a breakfast/snack mainstay throughout Texas, with Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Wisconsin all staking claims to be "Kolache Capitals."

Whether it’s a Bohemian or Tex-Czech, kolaches are a tasty way to start your day and a nice little snack anytime! Below are some links to articles about the history and popularity of kolaches.







Today's Specials

Monday, March 30



Tejano Sausage & Egg
with Provolone

Scrambled Egg Casserole

Roasted Veggie & Cheddar
with Artichoke, Eggplant, and Red Peppers

Baked Goodies

Savory Sausage Breakfast Muffin
with Jalapeño, Mozzarella, and Provolone

Bread Pudding
Cinnamon Chocolate Chunk French Toast Casserole

Bike Brunch

Bike Brunches will return in spring 2015!

Plan on joining us for a leisurely ride through East Nashville and beyond! All ages and skill levels are invited to ride with us. 


To kick off the new year, Yeast Nashville's art wall features bold, typographic maps of America's Favorite Neighborhood designed by Hunter Mize. Born-and-raised in Green Hills, Hunter is a current resident of East Nashville and his love and pride for his hometown of Nashville is seen throughout his designs. 

Hunter wants everyone in the 615 to put Nashville Love on their walls so he created the Nashville Hood Print. This project is based on other prints created for a number of cities but missing the most important one - Nashville! With some more direct pride arising on the East Side, Hunter created an East Nashville-specific Hood Print (and a t-shirt you can wear with pride while on vacation). 

Several versions of Nashville and East Nashville specific prints are adorning the walls of Yeast Nashville and are for sale in the shop. To check out more of Hunter's work, and to keep up with his latest designs, check him out online at and make sure you "like" him on Facebook.

About The Bakery

Nashville's Home of Kolaches & More!

Yeast Nashville features authentic Czech-style kolaches and other baked goods out of their world headquarters in East Nashville - the coolest neighborhood on the planet!

Whether it's a Bohemian or Tex-Czech, kolaches are a tasty way to start your day and a nice little snack anytime! In addition to kolaches, Yeast Nashville offers other savory and sweet baked goodies, Drew's Brews Coffee, High Garden Tea, free wi-fi all in a cozy, casual setting. You never know what specials Sara and the Kolache Posse might be baking for the day so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and the Twitters.

Meet Bill & Sara


In 2008, Bill and Sara had about all they could handle with Houston, Texas so they packed up their house, two dogs, three cats and decided to start the next chapter of their life in Nashville. Upon arriving in their new city they noticed something was missing - the Czech-style kolaches that are prevalent throughout the Lone Star State. Faced with only one option they started baking them for themselves, sharing the extras with their friends, and all was good in the world.

Fast forward to the fall of 2012... Sara was laid-off and Bill had spent the last four years working out of the house. With neither one excited about the possibility of having to work in an office again they realized the only practical option available was to open a bakery. (Because that's what sane people do, right?)

So with little more than a passion for baking, some spare change, and the uncanny ability to throw caution to the wind, they decided to embark on the journey that's become Yeast Nashville. Opened in July 2013, this growth of this little bakery has been more than the two of them could have ever hoped for. Since that time, Sara and Bill have made new friends and experienced things they never thought possible just by making breakfast for folks - and they're just getting started! Come by and say, "hi"! They, and the entire Yeast Nashville Kolache Crew, look forward to feeding you soon!


7AM - 1PM

Seven Days A Week


805 Woodland Street, Suite 300  East Nashville, TN 37206