We Can't Believe We've Been Feeding You For Two Years!

So, on Monday, July 27, we entered our third year of being Nashville's home of kolaches. While there has been a lot of change in Nashville - and in East Nashville, over the past two years, one thing has remained constant ever since we unlocked the doors on that first Saturday morning: Every single day you blow our minds. It is an honor and a privilege to make you breakfast. The friends we've made, the regulars that come in and get the same thing every time (you know who you are!), the newbies who have just discovered us, all of you make our day and allow us to keep this dog and pony show up and running.

Most of you know the story by now: With no business or culinary background, Sara and I decide to open a bakery because we really didn't want to go back into corporate America. (If you don't know the story you can read all about it here.) Based on the success/fail rate of new businesses these days, I'd say it wasn't necessarily the smartest decision one could make at the time but we believed we'd be OK because of how much we love East Nashville and how committed we were to truly putting roots down in the neighborhood we'd called home since 2008.

Many of you have been with us from day one (white board menu, anyone?) and some of you came to the bakery for the first time this morning but all of you are worthy of our most sincere thanks. We couldn't do this without you and that is something that is never forgotten by anyone associated with our bakery. You are the reason we're able to turn the lights on, warm up the ovens, mix the kolache dough, brew the coffee, take the silly Instagram pictures, have a roof over our head at night, feed our cats and dogs, and flying squirrels (the last one is all about Sara), and periodically go to the Groove to get a new piece of wax for my turntable. We have a life because you believe in what we're doing. There aren't enough hours in the day for us to thank you for that.

From the bottom of our doughy little hearts, thank you, thank you, thank you. 


Bill & Sara


P.S. - And if you're really interested in how things have gone, in the two years since we've opened, Sara and I are still married and I haven't burned the place to the ground so I'd say we're doing pretty good!